Chemical Guide

Chemical Guide

1. Temperature of the Material Transmitted:
Higher temperatures increase the effect of chemicals on industrial rubber hose compounds. The increase varies with the polymer and the chemical. A compound quite suitable at room temperature might fail very quickly at higher temperatures.
2. Service Conditions:
A rubber hose compound usually swells when exposed to a chemical. With a given percent fo swell, a hose tube may function satisfactorily if the industrial hose is in a static condition, but fail quickly if the hose is subject to flexing.
3. The Grade or Blend of the Rubber Compound:
Basic rubber polymers are sometimes mixed or blended together to enhance a particular property for a specific service. The reaction to a particular chemical blend of polymers may, therefore, somewhat different from the reaction to the single ones. When in doubt, a sample of the compound should always be tested with the particular chemical it is to handle.




 Natural rubber


 Isoprene rubber

 Excellent physical properties, including abrasion resistance. Not oil resistant.



 Styrene-butadiene rubber

 Good physical properties, including abrasion resistance. Not oil resistant.

 Butyl rubber


 Isobutene-isoprene rubber

 Very good weathering resistance. Low permeability to air. Good physical properties. Poor  resistance to petroleum based fluids.



 Ethylene-propylene diene-  terpolymer

 Good general purpose polymer. Excellent heat, ozone and weathering resistance. Not oil resistant.

 Cross linked  polyethylene 


 Cross linked  polyethylene

 Excellent resistance to most solvents, oils and chemicals. Do not confuse with chemical properties  of standard polyethylene.

 Ultra high molecular  weight polyethylene


 Ultra high  molecular weight  polyethylene

 Excellent resistance to most solvents, chemicals and hydrocarbons. Excellent abrasion and wear  resistance. Inert  and suitable for food contact. Do not confuse with chemical properties of  standard polyethylene.

 Nitrile rubber


 Acrylonitrile-butadience  rubber

 Excellent oil resistance. Good physical properties.



 Chloroprene rubber

 Excellent weathering resistance. Flame retardant. Good oil resistant. Good physical properties.

 Hypalon ®


 Chloro-sulfonated  polyethylene

 Excellent ozone, weathering and acid resistance. Good abrasion and heat resistance. Can be  compounded for good oil resistance.